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DJAG6EFKVJFixed a problem where alarms went off after they had been disabled. This problem happened with appointments, meetings and todo's.
DWON696L7QWith this fix, a crash will not occur after switching the spelling dictionary from the server default dictionary (English) to the Portuguese (Brazil)...
JBRE69UKHFFixed an unrecognized character error when saving To Do's using the Swedish locale.
JBRE6DRK6QFixed a crash when using the scrollbar in Mozilla.
JCIK6DLKEQServer archiving is now available in the Portal UI if "iNotes_WA_PortalOffline=1" is set. DWA supports two types of archiving, local- and...
NDTE5VUDBHFixed a Domino Web Access warning when merging 2 empty table cells.
KWAE6FL5MVWith this change, what is set in API_TimeZones() will override the existing timezone entry.
PANN6BFKBLURL links will now work in DWA if signature "www" is not present.
YHAI6CHG8MFixed a problem where the Request Response checkbox was appearing in the To Do edit window for existing personal To Do's.
YPHG6CY3MNFixed a problem where mail body become garbled when UTF-8 for output was enabled.
JJMA6CWCHDAdded code for converting URL to UTF-8 to solve problem that occur when user clicked outline if mail file is in Chinese.
BCOE6FRPUGAdded the file "dwagss.jar" for the 7.0.1 install.
ABUI6GUPNCWhen spell checking certain documents from DWA on a Linux server, customer receives the follwoing error message: "A script on this page is causing...
CXDI6GG5RRThe block mail rule is no longer duplicated while opening it on the Notes client.
CXDI6F69T7Warning is no longer displayed while deleting Rooms and Resources.
CXDI6FBCKFThis fix stops a Domino Web Access warning when doing spell check if DBCS characters are contained.
CXDI6CY5X7This fix sets the correct focus after inserting a page break in a rich text area.


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